Meet Our Pastor

Pastor Pamela Osborne has been in the ministry over 25 years. She has worked in areas of children, youth and young adult ministry. She loves all parts of her position, from administration to just getting to know someone. Pastor Pam works with all our ministry groups, and is active the Sumner community as a member of Rotary and a fire department chaplain.

As a congregation, we appreciate her vision, her energy and her leadership. We look forward to her sermons, where we always learn something. But most of all we are grateful for her commitment to loving God and loving all of our neighbors, and for challenging us to do the same. We thank God for leading her to us, and our Conference leadership for assigning her to Sumner UMC.

Pastor Pam and her husband Tom celebrate life with Dr. Watson and Wilson, their basset hounds.

...and join her in pondering....


John Wesley's Words and Wisdom for the sixteenth week of 2016:

"If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature (2 Cor. 5:17). Is there then sin in him that is in Christ?"

From his writing, On Sin in Believers


John Wesley's Words and Wisdom for the fifteenth week of 2016:

"Is a justified man freed from all sin as soon as he is justified? Is there then no sin in his heart? Nor ever after, unless he fall from grace?."

From his writing, On Sin in Believers


John Wesley's Words and Wisdom for the fourteenth week of 2016:

"If there be anything good in sincerity, why dost thou expect it before thou hast faith? - seeing faith itself is the only root of whatever is really good and holy."

From his writing, The Righteousness by Faith


John Wesley's Words and Wisdom for the thirteenth week of 2016:

"Oh Lamb of God, was ever pain, was ever love like thine?" Look steadily upon him, till he looks on thee, and breaks thy hard heart. Then shall thy "head" be "waters", and thy "eyes fountains of tears".

From his writing, The Righteousness by Faith


John Wesley's Words and Wisdom for the twelfth week of 2016:

"In every instance whatever, the voice of the law is, "Thou Shalt Serve the Lord thy God with all thy strength"."

From his writing, The Righteousness by Faith


John Wesley's Words and Wisdom for the tenth week of 2016:

"The convenant of grace, in order to man's recovery of favour and the life of God, requires only faith; living faith in Him who, through God, justifies him that obeyed not."

From his writing, The Righteousness by Faith


John Wesley's Words and Wisdom for the ninth week of 2016:

"By "the righteousness which is of faith" is meant, that condition of justification...which was given by God to fallen man, through the merits and mediation of his only-begotten Son."

From his writing, The Righteousness by Faith


John Wesley's Words and Wisdom for the eighth week of 2016:

"God hath willed and commanded that "all our works" should "be done in charity" (en agape); in love, in that love to God which produces love to all mankind.."

From his writing, Justification by Faith


Stepping out in faith. . . This is something that happens at Sumner. Ideas are shared to strengthen a program, or start a new mission. Create a warm learning environment . . Get a little messy with children, or try something absolutely new. In the past 5 , have witness the willingness to step out in faith. . And we are doing it again, with Handbells.

Here is the story: For the past 2 years, there has been conversation about starting a handbell choir, that would enhance our worship and could be used in our community. I have been watching out for the opportunity to borrow handbells, but it not easy to find a church willing to share their handbells.

Last week, I came across a 3 octave (37 bells) handbells set that has been in the closet of a school district in Pennsylvania for 6 years. The original cost for the set of handbells is $10,500. They were selling the handbells for $4800, complete with cases, gloves, folders and anything else that came with the handbells. It was an incredible deal. I knew I had around $3000 of donation available if I found a set of handbells, and maybe the use of some memorial funds. I felt it was maybe a dream we could do.

The next step was a quick email vote of the Board of Trustees, and the church council. With our church leadership willing to step out on faith . . We have handbells arriving next week. Today the handbells were shipped from Pennsylvania. The music teacher in charge of the handbell program in Pennsylvania was delighted that a UMC was going to put the bells to regular use. He is a member of McConnellsburg UMC and their music director. As sad as he was to see the school district sell their handbells, he shipped them with a great prayer of blessing to our church.

So we will be preparing music with handbells for Easter. If you are interested in playing, the first rehearsal will be Feb 25th at 6 pm in the children's Godly play classroom. Choir will also practice following handbell rehearsal. The only requirement to play handbells is the desire, and being able to count to 4.

The community of faith, continuingly surprises me , and blesses my faith.

Pastor Pam

John Wesley's Words and Wisdom for the Sixth week of 2016:

"The plain scriptural notion of justification is pardon, the forgiveness of sins."

From his writing, Justification by Faith

John Wesley's Words and Wisdom for the Fifth week of 2016:

"As God is love, so man, dwelling in love, dwelt in God, and God in him."

From his writing, Justification by Faith

John Wesley's Words and Wisdom for the Fourth week of 2016:

So then, that "whosoever believeth on him shall be saved," is, and must be, the foundation of all our preaching; this is, must be preached first.

From his writing, Salvation by Faith

John Wesley's Words and Wisdom for the Second week of 2016:

"That ye believe, is one instance of his grace; that believing ye are saved, another"

From his writing, Salvation by Faith

As I write, this pondering, it is the day before New Years Eve. I have been pondering 2016. I found a poem, that has the lines:

Here's to a new year, and the resolutions to make,
Now starts the betting, on the first I will break.

which is probably very true, but the News Years Resolution I want to share was written in 2014 by a poet Brenda Meier-Hans

Love more, when it is hardest to love.
Show compassion, always.
Be kind when deserved or not.
Be patient, when you are at the end of your rope.
Smile, when you are saddest.
Pray when you are at your lowest.
Thank God when you are at your highest.

Pastor Pam

It showed up on my Facebook, the photo of the toddler, who surrender to a photographer because she thought the camera with it's lens was a gun. Inspired by this photo, Carolyn Winfred Gillette wrote new words to Away in the Manager for this Christmas Season.

I have been pondering these words this week, as I prepare my heart to receive the Christ child.

If I saw my toddler with hands in the air
In fearful surrender to someone, some-where,
I'd search for a people in some other place
Who practiced their preaching and showed love and grace.

If I had to flee from the madness of war—
From terror and violence and things I abhor,
I'd search for a nation with arms open wide,
With safety and beauty and friendships inside.

Be with me, Lord Jesus, as I seek to be
A friend to the stranger and poor refugee,
And as I remember you once had no bed,
May I give up fear and give welcome instead.

Pastor Pam